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​​Awards and Honors Committee

Current Awards and Honors Committee Members​​


Committee Purpose

The Awards and Honors Committee (AHC) reviews nominations based on the award criteria and nomination guidelines and selects recipients for all APS awards except for ​the Distinguished Service Award. The committee may recommend candidates for the Distinguished Service Award to APS Council for approval in ​February annually.​

Organizational Structure​

  • The Committee is made up of seven (7) members including a Chair, Vice Chair, Immediate Past Chair, and five (5) committee members. Of the seven (7) members, at least five (5) must be APS Fellows.
  • The Vice Chair shall be selected by and from the current committee members who are APS Fellows and forwarded to APS Council for approval.  
    • The position of Vice Chair is the first of a 3-year ascension​ through​ the chair lineage, moving to Chair the second year, and Immediate Past Chair the third year.
  • The Committee shall nominate two (2) new members each year, ensuring to keep the balance of five (5) Fellows on the committee. Committee members will be formally appointed by a majority vote of the Committee. 
  • Committee members serve a three (3) year term, but may not serve more than two consecutive terms.

General Responsibilities​

  1. AHC shall invite nominations for the various awards from APS members and from members of associated societies for non-member awards, when appropriate. 
  2. In accordance to the APS Bylaws [section 5] the number of Fellows awarded is limited to approximately 25% of the total membership annually.
  3. In addition to new nominations received during the current year, the committee shall reconsider nominations received during the two preceding years except for the Lee M. Hutchins and Hewitt Awards, which stand for only one year. 
  4. Any re-nominated nominations are encouraged to be revised and updated annually prior to the yearly December 1st​ nomination deadline.
  5. AHC shall consider nominations of APS Fellows for a subsequent 'award of excellence' only if the nomination is based upon accomplishment distinctly different from that upon which the Fellow's nomination was based, and where the new accomplishment has occurred after recognition as Fellow. A period of 5 years should elapse between recognition as Fellow and nomination for an award of excellence. The nominator of a Fellow for an ‘award of excellence’ must specify how the contributions in the current nomination differ from those on which the Fellow nomination was based originally.
  6. The committee meets as needed between annual meetings of the Society to conduct committee business and select the awardees.
  7. The Chair of AHC will provide a list of award recipients to submit to APS Council for approval. Following approval, headquarters staff will prepare the awards and honorariums (where appropriate) for all awards except the Syngenta Award.​​ ​