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​Associated Organizations


Affiliates are those groups that Council invites to have a close connection with the society because they provide strategic value to members of APS. Individual members of APS appointed as representatives to Associated Organizations are to function as representatives of APS at meetings of the Associated Organization, and as liaisons between Council and the Associated Organization, for the purposes of exchanging information. Unless specifically authorized to do so by Council, the Representative does not speak for APS leadership or Council, but as an individual member of APS appointed as a representative before the Associated Organization.

Organizational Structure

  • Appointees are generally not current members of Council. The term of office and other limitations of the appointments may be influenced by the organization extending the invitation for representation.
  • The appointment of representatives of the society to other scientific societies, councils, governmental agencies, and other organizations by the Council is authorized in the Bylaws of the Constitution.
  • Council will review at no less than five-year intervals the need for official APS representation to the groups named below or other appropriate organizations.
  • The Financial Advisory Committee will annually recommend to Council a budget covering expenses of APS representatives to attend meetings of other societies.
  • A representative should not use Society stationery to express a point of view or report an action unless authorized to do so by Council.

General Responsibilities

  1. Council, through the President and Internal Communications Officer, will specifically review with each new appointee the limited responsibilities of the appointee. The appointee cannot commit APS to financial outlays or to specific actions without prior approval of Council.
  2. Attend all appropriate meetings and represent APS in matters pertaining to policy decisions and other actions of the Associated Organization.
  3. Representatives will promptly inform the APS president and APS Internal Communications Officer of actions taken by the Associated Organization that are germane to APS.
  4. Representatives prepare an annual report and submit it to the Internal Communications Officer when requested.
  5. Council is to determine annually what (if any) specific directives are to be given to Representatives to be carried out during the forthcoming year.