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​Councilors' Challenge

The Councilors’ Challenge engages the expertise and creativity of APS Subject Matter and General Policy Committees​ to work collaboratively to develop ideas and products to meet needs of APS members and the profession of plant pathology. 

FY23 Councilors' Challenge: ​​Ongoing Committee Engagement​

Background and Goal​​

Engagement of members and committees is central to the impact and mission of APS. The shift into online platforms has created a new opportunity for committees to establish engagement with their members throughout the year. ​The goal of the challenge is to equip our committees with strategies for engaging their members and stakeholders using online tools. These strategies will become part of an APS Leadership Institute toolkit available to committee chairs and members


We are looking to equip our committees with strategies for engaging their committee members throughout the year. Submissions should briefly describe: 

  1. Resources (such as time, people, tools, funding, APS staff time, etc.) needed for the activity
  2. Anticipated result or output of the activity
  3. How the activity engages committee members
  4. How the activity engages the broader APS members, the public, or any stakeholder group
  5. How the activity furthers or supports diversity, equity, and inclusion of members.  ​

Specific examples of these activities could include ideas such as:

  • ​ ​Developing a webinar on an issue in science or professional development within the expertise of your committee.
  • Organizing a collaborative effort by your committee to develop a minimum standards-type methods paper for an APS journal.
  • Creating a regular virtual seminar series.
  • Developing or updating peer-reviewed plant pathology teaching resources for the​ APS Education Center.​


All submissions will be given equal consideration to the completeness to address the above criteria, quality of the committee engagement, and novelty of the proposed strategy and activity. Committees with the highest ranked submissions will be receive funding and recognition. 

Winning submissions will be developed in full and implemented by the committee(s) and then made available to the APS Leadership Institute and to APS members. In addition, the winning committee(s) will provide a brief report on their activity that will be shared during the Committee Orientation Webinar. 

Submissions for FY23 are closed. FY23 challenge winner(s) will be announced in​ the March issue of Phytopathology News.​

Previous Challenge Recipients​