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Councilors' Challenge

The Councilors’ Challenge is an annual event that engages the expertise and creativity of APS Subject Matter and General Policy Committees​ to work collaboratively to develop ideas and products to meet needs of APS members and the profession of plant pathology. The Challenge this year sought to increase publicly available digital resources for instructors, extension personnel, and others involved with online education in plant pathology. APS committees competed in developing ideas for instructional videos and other digital resources for teaching.

2021 Challenge Results

The Councilors' Challenge results are in and we are pleased to announce ​​the BacteriologyEpidemiologyEvolutionary Genetics and Genomics, and Molecular and Cellular Phytopathology Committees will share the inaugural Councilors' Challenge Cup for submitting their innovative concepts.

Here’s a brief summary of the winning concepts.

  • Bacteriology Committee: An online, interactive ‘Plant Pathogen Personality Quiz’ inspired by the related paper exercise developed by the APS Office of Public Relations and Outreach (OPRO).  Using the kids' coding platform Scratch, educators and students can remix the game to add new pathogens, sounds, images, and more. 
  • Epidemiology Committee: A short webinar on ‘sketchnotes’, a method to improve notes during lectures and seminars focusing on images and figures that may be hard to describe but relatively easy to draw. 
  • Evolutionary Genetics and Genomics Committee: A compendium of online resources and tools for microbial evolution and genomics that can guide students looking to learn more about the field of microbial genomics and apply cutting-edge analyses to their own datasets. 
  • Molecular and Cellular Phytopathology Committee: A cartoon diagrammatic representation of the general levels of plant-pathogen interactions explaining the molecular intricacies of these interactions.​

The concepts submitted by the winning committees will be developed into products by the winning committees, and made publicly available through the APS Education Center​ after peer review​. 

Congratulations to all participants and to the winning committees for your commitment and service to APS! 

2022 Councilors' Challenge will be announced ​in August 2021