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Councilors' Challenge

Digital Resources​ for Teaching and Communicating Plant Pathology

Background a​nd Goal

The sudden shift to online formats for instruction at colleges and universities, K-12 schools, and extension education has created an immediate need for video content and other digital resources for educators. The goal of the 2021 Councilors’ Challenge is to increase publicly available digital resources available to instructors, extension personnel, and others involved with online education in plant pathology.  

2021 Challenge

Committees develop topics and a short description (one paragraph or less) on instructional videos and other digital resources that can be used by educators to teach concepts in plant pathology. We anticipate that the topics and structure of the materials and resources will vary considerably depending on the intended target audience and learning objective. We encourage creative thinking on how resources can aid in experiential learning exercises delivered remotely.

The Committee that submits the most ideas will be recognized by receiving the Councilors’ Challenge Cup, a new rotating trophy engraved with the winning committee’s name and year. The instructional material ideas will be reviewed by a Task Force led by the Office of Education and the winning committee will produce the resources. After peer review by the APS Education Center, the winning digital resources will be promoted through APS and made publicly available in the APS Education Center.​

How to apply

​All committees are encouraged to submit their entries for the 2021 challenge on or before October ​16, 2020