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Steven C. Nelson Early Career Professional Development Award

APS has had a remarkable 105 year history due largely to an outstanding legacy of professionals and leaders. But where did they come from? They came from yesterday’s students and young professionals…and tomorrow's leaders are today’s young professionals.  And perhaps no one​ in recent years recognized that more than Steve Nelson, APS’s former executive vice president. Steve retired in 2013 after 40 years of service to APS and in recognition of his outstanding leadership and vision for the society, the APS Foundation renamed the Early Career Professional Fund to the Steven C. Nelson Early Career Professional Development Fund.

This APS Education Initiative research findings identified the need for experiential learning through broader experiences and enhanced opportunities in p​reparation for careers in plant pathology. In response, the newly formed APS Early Career Professional Development Fund is focused on assisting new plant pathologists in broadening their experiences and skills by providing financial support for their participation in one of the following activities, as well as others judged appropriate by the APS Foundation:

  1. A short internship with industry or special research laboratory;
  2. An international internship to attend a workshop, regional meeting, and/or to visit an international center to gain a unique networking opportunity and a global perspective;
  3.  Participation in an interactive grant-writing training/workshop;
  4. Participation in a workshop for curriculum development offered by APS or in collaboration with other scientific societies or institutions; and
  5. Support for the APS Leadership Institute.

The APS Foundation established the APS Steven C. Nelson Early Career Professional Development Fund with a goal of $100,000
to provide the seed funds needed for five or more early career professionals annually to cover expenses associated with their participation in professional skill-enhancing activities.

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