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Books for the World Fund

​​booktree.jpgThe Books for the World program was established to help scientists, educators, extension personnel, and other agriculturalists in developing ​countries acquire educational materials from APS PRESS and to promote international distribution of books, media, and other APS resources. It is managed jointly by the APS Foundation and the APS Office o​f International Programs. Individuals from any country will be eligible to apply, but preference will be given to individuals from developing countries who demonstrate financial need. Applicants located in the United States will be accepted, but must demonstrate that they are unable to gain ​access to the proposed resources by other means or that they intend to travel to an international destination to assist with agricultural development. 

The intended focus of this award is on diagnostic tools and pest management. Applicants may select from any of resources available from APS PRESS using the current prices announced on the APS bookstore website. Librarians may apply on behalf of their institutions and in such cases should describe how resources will be placed in a managed library with an established borrowing system.

Awardees will also receive a one-year membership to APS if they are not already members.

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Submission Deadline : February 1 of each year