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Moving Forward with the Identification of Fungi Using Sequence Based Techniques

Andrea Porras-Alfaro: Western Illinios University

<div>With the advent of large sequencing efforts of environmental samples, fungal biologists have been confronted with new and challenging opportunities for the discovery and characterization of novel species of fungi. The characterization of vast numbers of endophytic fungi in plants has also created new challenges due to the bias in curated databases toward plant pathogenic fungi and the limiting tools to distinguish specific ecological roles of endophytes. New platforms to facilitate the rapid identification of fungi are being developed to address these new challenges. However, standardized practices and mechanisms to integrate technologies are lacking. In this talk, I will discuss specific initiatives to take advantage of new technologies that will advance the discovery of fungi, characterize their local, regional and global distribution, inform cultured-based efforts for the discovery and characterization of species, and integrate traditional as well as modern techniques to provide a more accurate characterization of fungal species.</div>

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