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Inatreq™ active: a novel natural product based fungicide for control of major diseases in cereal crops

Andrew Leader: DowDuPont Agriculture Division

<div>Inatreq™<sup><span size="2">1</span></sup> active (Fenpicoxamid) is the first molecule from a new class of fungicides (picolinamides). Inatreq is derived from the natural product UK-2A which is produced by fermentation of an actinomycete (<em>Streptomyces sp. 517-02</em>) and then undergoes a minor synthetic modification which adds stability and formulation benefits. Inatreq is active against a range of ascomycetes and basidiomycetes and is particularly effective against <em>Zymoseptoria tritici</em> (Septoria tritici blotch), a serious pathogen in temperate wheat growing regions. Inatreq has residual properties and forms a stable deposit on the leaf surface that enables continuous uptake of Inatreq into plant tissue so offering both strong protectant and curative activity. The unique biochemical action of Inatreq involves conversion back to UK-2A in the presence of fungi and/or inside plant tissue. UK-2A inhibits fungal mitochondrial respiration by binding at the Qi ubiquinone reductase site of cytochrome <em>bc</em>1. This represents the first new target site within the cereal fungicide segment for over a decade. <span>In recent years the control of <em>Z.tritici</em> in Europe has been challenged following resistance development to some current market solutions. </span>Significantly, Inatreq shows no target site cross-resistance to key cereal fungicide chemistries and is effective on <em>Z.tritici</em> resistant isolates. Inatreq will offer cereal growers effective control of cereal diseases with related yield and quality benefits, as well as a new resistance management tool. However, as Inatreq is a single site inhibitor, this new active ingredient will itself require an effective resistance risk management strategy to preserve its long term efficacy.</p> <p><sup>1</sup> Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company (“Dow”) or an affiliated company of Dow.</div>

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