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BIOCONTROL OF Colletotrichum truncatum IN SEEDS OF Phaseolus lunatus USING ESSENTIAL OIL OF Schinus terebinthifolius

Valdeir Nunes Carvalho: Federal University of Alagoas

<div>The reduction in germination potential of the seed occurs mainly due to the presence of phytopathogenic fungi. The use of essential oils is a proposal of efficient biological treatment that reduces the incidence of pathogens besides being biomolecules that do not impact the environment. Therefore, the objective of the research was the use of essential oils of Schinus terebinthifolius in seeds of Phaseolus lunatus aiming to propose alternatives of treatment in the reduction of pathogens following methodology of extraction and chemical analysis and later application in vitro and in seeds being counted germination, seeds dead, dry and fresh. On the other hand, the oil presented efficiency, highlighting its fungistatic effect and such oil did not influence the germinative events in fava seeds. However, essential oils may contribute to pre-sowing treatment in reducing pathogens as an alternative to the use of fungicides.</div>