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Adepidyn®, a new fungicide for the control of gummy stem blight in conventional cucurbit production

Carmen Collazo-Gonzalez: Syngenta Crop Protection

<div>Adepidyn<sup>®</sup> is a new fungicide under development from Syngenta under the carboximide succinate dehydrogenase inhibitor (SDHI) mode of action. Adepidyn<sup>® </sup>fungicide has proven effective in the control of gummy stem blight (GSB) caused by the pathogen <em>Stagonosporopsis cucurbitacearum</em>. GSB is one of the most common and devastating foliar disease of all members in the cucurbitaceae. <em>Stagonosporopsis cucurbitacearum</em> attacks the leaves, stems, and fruit of cucurbits, limiting yields and production of high quality fruit. Once established, the disease is challenging to control under conducive environmental conditions. Conventional farming operations rely on chemical management to attain high yields and quality fruit. In multiple field trials across the South East USA, Adepidyn<sup>®</sup> fungicide has stood out as an effective control measure of GSB when applied preventively in a foliar spray program. Adepidyn<sup>® </sup>fungicide has a long residual activity and can offer control to other common diseases of cucurbits like, powdery mildew. Efficacious control of GSB by Adepidyn<sup>®</sup> fungicide coupled with its extended residual activity, will provide growers with an alternative and reliable mean to control GSB, once the fungicide has received regulatory approvals.</div>