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Mefentrifluconazole - A new broad-spectrum fungicide for use on row and specialty crops.

Scott Walker: BASF Corp

<div>Mefentrifluconazole (Revysol<sup>®</sup>) is a new fungicide active ingredient under development in the United States and Canada by BASF Corporation for control of key fungal diseases of pome fruits, stone fruits, tree nuts, grapes, potato, corn, soybeans and other crops. The proposed classification by FRAC (Fungicide Resistance Action Committee) is a Group 3 demethylation inhibitor. Research in internal, university, and private cooperator trials has indicated Revysol<sup> </sup>is highly effective at controlling important diseases such as apple scab (<em>Venturia inaequalis</em>), blossom blight and brown rot of stone fruits and almonds (<em>Monilinia</em> spp.); powdery mildew of grapes (<em>Erysiphe necator</em>), Alternaria diseases of potato and tree nuts (<em>Alternaria</em> spp.), and Cercospora diseases of corn and soybean (<em>Cercospora </em>spp.). Trial data indicate Revysol was effective controlling these diseases and others at a rate range of 73 – 146 g ai/HA. Testing of Revysol was conducted as RCBD field trials in multiple locations tested over several years. Data were evaluated using ANOVA and Duncan’s New MRT for means comparisons at a significance level of p = 0.05. Trial results will be presented. Revysol is being reviewed by the EPA as a Reduced Risk candidate. Registration is expected in 2019.</div>