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Mefentrifluconazole - a broad spectrum fungicide for use in turfgrass and ornamentals.

Renee Keese: BASF

<div>A new active ingredient, mefentrifluconazole, is under development in the United States and Canada for the control of turfgrass and ornamental pathogens. Research from internal, university, and private cooperators has indicated that the active ingredient is highly effective in controlling diseases such as dollar spot (<em>Sclerotinia homoeocarpa</em>, brown patch (<em>Rhizoctonia solani)</em>, anthracnose (<em>Colletotrichum</em> <em>graminicola)</em>, summer patch (<em>Magnaporthe poae</em>) and brown ring patch (<em>Rhizoctonia circinata </em>var.<em> circinata). </em> The proposed classification by FRAC (Fungicide Resistance Action Committee) is Group 3 - demethylation inhibitor. Mefentrifluconazole is being investigated both as a solo product and in combination with pyraclostrobin. Research testing was conducted as RCBD field trials, and data were evaluated using ANOVA and Duncan’s New MRT for means comparisons at a significance level of p=0.05. For turfgrass, rates of mefentrifluconazole tested ranged from 250 to 1000 g ai/ha. In ornamentals, a solo product is in development and has provided control of leaf spots, powdery mildew, rust and scab, and soilborne diseases such as <em>Cylindrocladium</em> and <em>Thielaviopsis. </em>Foliar use rates tested in ornamental research trials ranged from 88 to 234 g ai/ha. Research results will be presented for turf and ornamentals. Mefentrifluconazole is being reviewed as a Reduced Risk candidate by the US EPA with registration expected in 2019.</div>