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Molecular characterization of Potato virus Y -NTN strain from India

Ying Zhai: Department of Plant Pathology, Washington State University

<div>Potato virus Y (PVY) is a major threat to potato cultivation worldwide. PVY is a dynamic virus that exists as several distinct strains and cause varying degrees of pathogenicity and wide range of symptoms in potato. PVY strain characterization is essential for breeding programs. The complete genome of a potato isolate of PVY (JK12) isolated from the potato producing areas of Jammu and Kashmir, India was characterized. Nucleotide sequence comparisons and phylogenetic analysis with known PVY strains revealed that the isolate was an NTN strain of PVY. At the whole genome sequence level, the JK12 isolate shared the highest identity (99.42%) with a PVY strain from Germany followed by the ones from the United Kingdom (99.34%) and Japan (99.33%). Recombination detection analysis identified two recombination break points and the isolate (JK12) appeared to have resulted from the recombination event between an PVY-N strain from Belgium as the major parent and a PVY-O strain from China as the minor parent. Mutation and recombination could be the basis for the emergence and subsequent establishment of NTN in this region. Furthermore, global evolutionary lineage analysis of all the known PVY strains revealed relatively low nucleotide diversity among the NTN strains. This is the first report of molecular characterization of an NTN strain of PVY from India.</div>