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Plant pathology in China enters into a new era

You-Liang Peng: China Agricultural University

<div>The Chinese Society for Plant Pathology (CSPP) was established in 1929. With nine decades of development, CSPP has become one of the largest academic societies in plant pathology in the world, consisting of 16 subject committees with more than 6500 members. Since 2004, the society has organized and sponsored annual meetings, which have attracted more than a thousand participants every year, and provided an important platform for Chinese plant pathologists to exchange their research achievements and for students to communicate with established scientists. For the past five years, the Chinese central government has invested more than two billion RMB in the investigation of important crop diseases. In addition, the National Natural Science Foundation of China funded numerous plant disease-related projects in the recent years. These inputs have allowed Chinese plant pathologists to achieve significant progress in diverse topics of plant pathology. CSPP has been a member of the International Society of Plant Pathology since 1983, and is a founding member of the Asian Association of Societies for Plant Pathology, which was established in 2000. CSPP has also had close collaboration with the American Phytopathological Society since 2007. The active involvement of Chinese plant pathologists’ in domestic plant disease management, along with participation in international initiatives, has enabled plant pathology in China to enter into a new era.</div>