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Identification of temperature-sensitive resistance to Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici in Chinese and international differential hosts

Jing Feng: Institute of Plant Protection, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

<div>Temperature affects wheat resistance to <em>Puccinia striiformis </em>f. sp. <em>tritici </em>(<em>Pst</em>). Thirty-one entries of Chinese, international and other tester wheat cultivars were studied in seedling stage at two different day/night temperature regimes (24/18°C and 14/10°C) to identify the temperature-sensitive resistance of the entries. Four entries, Lutescens 128, Funo, Lee and Carstens Ⅴ, were confirmed no temperature-sensitive resistance genes. Six wheat cultivars, Early piemium, Fengchan 3, Fulhard, Heines Ⅶ, Mentana and Virgilio, have shown temperature-sensitive resistance. Comparison with standard cultivars of 0-3 temperature-sensitive genes, Virgilio resistance to <em>Pst</em> race 10E162 was probably controlled by two temperature-sensitive genes, and Mentana and Fulhard each possessed one temperature-sensitive gene. Virgilio, Fulhard and Mentana as the temperature-sensitive gene resources are useful in breeding for resistance to stripe rust. As the differential hosts of wheat stripe rust, it is necessary to strictly control the temperature without exceeding 18℃, since infection type may differ due to the different temperature.</div>