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50 Years with the International Society for Plant Pathology - A Magical Mystery Tour

Charles Delp: Retired

<div>Together we journey from contentious beginnings in the 1960’s and an exemplary first Congress in London (1968) to congresses in Minneapolis, Muchen, Melbourne, Kyoto, Montreal, Edinburgh, Christchurch, Torino, Beijing, and now, Boston. In 1968, we heard first reports of in‐vitro culture of an obligate parasite; the first really systemic fungicide; and a mycoplasma as a plant‐pathogen. Now it's the era of microbiomics, tools for research on the microbiome and phytobiome, to enhance resistance, optimise biological balance and reduce disease loss. Over 50 years, emphasis on people focused science delivery has also grown, with ISPP becoming a unique professional society underpinned by context, community and collaboration. The ISPP promotes worldwide development of plant pathology. It's a partnership with 60 national and regional societies and 20 subject matter committees, connected by the ISPP Newsletter, website, and Member Directory. Special honors include the awards of ISPP Fellow, the Jacob Eriksson Prize and the Glenn Anderson Lecture. In 1998, Nobel Peace Laureate Norman Borlaug challenged us to act on global food security, and Peter Scott organized the Task Force on Global Food Security and the Food Security journal. Ahead we have 2020 as the International Year of Plant Health, and a new Task Force on Challenges for Plant Pathology 2050. It has been a fruitful and joyful journey. We have just begun.</div>

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