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Strawberry anthosphere microbiome structure and functional study of probiotics

Youn Sig Kwak: Gyeongsang National University

<div>Recent researches were demonstrated that links between microbiome diversity and its’ ecosystem functions for example plant productivity. Especially, the plant microbiome has been shown to influence the host plant fitness in viability and association of abundant microbe community with plant healthy. Plants can no longer be considered as standalone entities and a more holistic perception is needed. Respectively, plant fitness is therefore a consequence of the plant per se and its microbiota, which collectively form a holobiont. In this study, anthosphere microbial diversity structure with gray molds disease occurrence during strawberry growth period were investigated. Massive pyrosequencing was performed to analysis the microbial communities shifting during strawberry growth season. The strawberry flower (SF) samples, total read count was 933,640 and total operational taxonomic units (OTU) was 53. Then compared pattern of the gray mold disease occurrence and the microbial community shifting during strawberry growth period. As results, the gray mold disease occurrence rapidly increased from SF 8<sup>th</sup>, which was initial stage being the microbe diversity significantly reduced. In addition, direct comparison between <em>Streptomyces</em> OTU number and the gray mold disease occurrence showed that the negative correlation between the two factors. In conclusion, two hypotheses was suggested that gray mold disease occurrence was trigged when anthosphere microbial diversity simplified and <em>Streptomyces </em>may be the key microorganism to suppress the pathogen.</div>