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Plant Pathology on stage. Telling more about science innovation in Horizon 2020 European projects

Andrea Masino: Agroinnova - University of Torino

<div>Dissemination and communication are relevant for European research projects. The overall goal of the Project “Effective Management of Pest and Harmful Alien Species - Integrated Solutions” (EMPHASIS) is to protect European agriculture and forestry systems from native and alien pest’s threats. It is a <em>multi-actor approach</em> project focusing research activities on the needs of the stakeholders. With this purpose, EMPHASIS is looking for new ways of engaging with civil society and policy makers. Theatre is considered a place to go in order to get points of reflection and thoughts and show ensures the effective and efficient spread of the scientific results to a wide public. During the European Green Week 2016 Agroinnova brought some renowned experts on the stage of the most impressive theatre of Torino, the Carignano Theatre, to entertain over 400 spectators about the role of plant health on environment protection. In 2017, Agroinnova co-produced RESPIRO, a more show-experience focused on <em>One Health</em> and based on <em>The Diary of Adam and Eve</em> by Mark Twain. The show went on the stage of Carignano Theatre on June 5th (World Environmental Day) and as soon replied, in the frame of an important summer festival of Bardonecchia. Artists performed very well, supported by important national and local newspapers, to sensitize the audience with key messages about the role of plant health for environment and landscape protection.</div>