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The future is now – a new technology for high-resolution aerial imagery

Galit Sharabani: Taranis

<div>Several approaches for precision agriculture were developed to provide decision support system for whole farm management. However, the current technologies are not fast enough and lack high-resolution imagery. Taranis, a precision agriculture company, develops deep learning models based on data sets that include, field sensors, satellite imagery, weather forecast, disease models and data from the field scouting application. A new technology, AI<sup>2</sup>, has been developed by Taranis, which includes sub-millimeter aerial imagery and artificial intelligence. It provides high-resolution view of thousands of points in the monitored field for biotic and abiotic stress evaluations. It uses algorithm that can differentiates between damaged and health plants. AI<sup>2</sup> technology is able to identify the very first symptom in the field. The technology achieves unparalleled scale and resolution to acquire quality images at the resolution of the human eye while covering far more land than the currently available traditional methods. For an example, in soybean field, the system covers 800 hectares in about 1 hour with more than 2,000 images, whereas the typical manual process by an agronomist covers this area in about four days. The advantages of this technology are early detection of the damaged plants and covering large area of the inspected field. In addition, it enabled to assess the efficacy of applied treatments and performing a return of inputs analysis for the grower in real time.</div>