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Potato Killer: People Killer: A Personal Perspective

Gary Foster: Univ of Bristol

<div><span><span face="Calibri" style="font-family:Calibri;" size="3">Professor Gary Foster from the University of Bristol (UK) is a leading Professor of Molecular Plant Pathology, and has authored over 100 scientific papers, reviews and books. He established the international multidisciplinary journal <i>Molecular Plant Pathology</i> and served as its Editor-in Chief from 2000 – 2012. His research is focused on a range of interconnecting themes that include plant virology, plant pathology, plant molecular biology, molecular mycology and biotechnology. He has delivered highly applied work internationally, such as identification and test development work for viruses that cause Cassava brown streak disease, one of the most devastating plant diseases for smallholders in East and Central Africa. </span></span></div>