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IPM Packages for high value vegetable crops in Cambodia

Kim Hian Seng: International Development Enterprises iDE- Cambodia

<div>Pests and diseases are a serious problem for growing vegetables in Cambodia. Many smallholder farmers spray pesticides indiscriminately, harming their health, the environment, and creating pesticide resistance. The IPM Innovation Lab and iDE Cambodia are using IPM technologies to fight pests holistically. The project’s focus is on widespread adoption and impact of ecologically-based IPM technologies, practices, and systems. the objective of this project in Cambodia is to decreases crop loss through the adoption of IPM components such as biological and environmental monitoring, predictive monitoring, biological control, insect mating disruption, host plant resistance, grafting, bio-rational pesticides, soil amendments, and habitat management. Examples include the use of <em>Trichoderma</em>, a beneficial fungus that shows significant improvement in crop production for yard long bean, cucumber, Chinese kale and tomato. The project also conducts workshops on plant virus diagnostics to build an infrastructure for Cambodian farmers to receive expert assistance with disease and pest problems.</div>

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