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Dissecting the molecular cross-talk between Phytophthora-plant in the apoplastic battlefield

Yuanchao Wang: Nanjing Agricultural University

<div>The extracellular space constitutes an important battleground in plant-pathogen interactions. During the long run of evolution, plants have developed innate immunity to resist infection by the majority of microbes. Plants recognize microbial attack via perception of conserved microbial molecules by cell surface immune receptors and thereby operating effective defense. To achieve successful colonization, pathogenic microbes secrete effectors to modulate plant immunity. In this study, we profiled the apoplastic effector repertories secreted by the soybean root rot pathogen <em>Phytophthora sojae</em> using a combined proteomic and bioinformatic strategy. In this way, we identified multiple novel apoplastic effectors that are highly conserved among microbial taxa. Studies on these effectors, on the one hand reveal new tactics employed by<em> Phytophthora</em> pathogens to attack plant immunity, and on the other hand lead to the identification of several candidate plant receptors that regulate the recognition of apoplastic effectors. Collectively, this study contributes to the understanding of the defense and counter-defense in the plant-pathogen interactions and will be instrumental for the development of durable disease resistance resources.</div>