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Developing durable genetic solutions to crop diseases

Diana Horvath: 2Blades Foundation

<div>Useful solutions to crop diseases can be found in modern plant science, where enormous advances have occurred in the understanding of how disease-causing microbes bypass or suppress plant defenses. These discoveries have lead directly to new ways to extend or reinforce a plant's natural immunity and produce crops with long-lasting resistance. Yet, there is a poor history of implementation of such discoveries. The 2Blades Foundation, was founded to address this bottleneck and contribute to global food security by identifying, advancing, and delivering solutions for crop disease. Through development programs addressing significant diseases of wheat, soybean, potato, tomato and other crops, it supports the foremost scientists and advances the most promising discoveries into practical applications to produce sustainable, environmentally-friendly genetic solutions. 2Blades partners with foundations, companies, and international agricultural development organizations that have effective track records for the delivery of these innovations into the hands of growers.</div>

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