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Innovative detection methods to support plant health diagnostics

Peter Bonants: Wageningen Plant Research

<div>International trade and travel have increased tremendously in recent years, with plants and plant products being moved around the whole world. As a consequence, the rate of introduction and establishment of new economically or environmentally damaging plant organisms and invasive species has increased steadily. The ability of National Plant Protection Organizations (NPPOs) and their affiliated laboratories to quickly and reliably detect and identify organisms is critical for the effective performance of phytosanitary measures. Plant pest diagnostics is also essential to support the phytosanitary certification of consignments of plants and plant products exported from countries. Use of efficient methods to detect all these organisms is essential in this whole process. Also method validation and the access to reference material for use as positive controls ensure the reliability of diagnostics in international setting. In this paper we address several innovative diagnostic methods: e.g. TaqMan PCR, Luminex, LAMP and Next Generation Sequence will be discussed in different applications.</div>

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