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Asexual evolution and population sensitivity changes over time in Sclerotinia homoeocarpa in the absence of fungicide pressure

Geunhwa Jung: University of Massachusetts

<div>Dollar spot, caused by <em>Sclerotinia homoeocarpa</em> (“sterile” multinucleated ascomycete) is the most prevalent and economically important turfgrass disease in North America. Increasing levels of resistance to four single-site mode of action fungicide classes and multi-drug resistance, coupled with environmental and financial constraints, has left fewer options for managing dollar spot. Better understanding of the dynamics and evolution of resistance in <em>S. homoeocarpa</em> populations is urgently needed to improve dollar spot management strategies. In my talk, dynamics of three different field populations with benzimidazole, demethylation inhibitor, and multiple fungicide resistance in the presence and absence of fungicide pressures will be discussed.</div>

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