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Explore Peer-reviewed Plant Pathology​ Resources 

Since its launch in 2000, the APS Education Center has provided free and open-access plant pathology resources and teaching materials as part of a dedicated APS outreach and public education initiative​. The Education Center includes peer-reviewed publications from the APS online journal, the ​​Plant Health Instructor, as well as additional resources for plant pathology education. Resources for a broad range of educational activities are freely available, including outreach to K-12 teachers, materials fo​r introductory and advanced plant pathology students, and teaching notes and articles. 

In addition to helping educate future plant pathologists from around the world, the Education Center provides teaching materials for biology and microbiology courses to help integrate plant pathology science and opportunities into this curriculum. The "Advanced" section and the "Instructor" section also allow instructors to stay current on our quickly evolving science. Ongoing efforts are made to translate materials into Spanish and other languages. Look for the "updated" indicator near the citation for assurance that materials are accurate and up to date. 

​Editorial Board​

Our Editori​al Board includes senior edit​ors who conduct publication reviews anonymously using the same methods that are used to review research papers. Editors review publications that are aligned with their technical expertise and pedagogical interests, such as K-12 teacher outreach, introductory materials, advanced materials, and instructor scholarship. 

Editorial ​Board

Publish with Us​

All plant pathologists, regardless of teaching status​, can contribute to the ​​Plant Health Instructor. Our authors receive academic recognition for their creative instructional materials, which has previously been reserved for research publications. As materials published in the APS Education Center are free, easy to access, and searchable on the internet, the ​ Plant Health Instructor is the perfect venue to satisfy the outreach component of your public grant funding.​

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