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Chapter Four
Hungry Planet: Stories of Plant Diseases

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C4.1. Dicotyledon. Seedling stage of watermelon.   C4.2. Monocotyledon. Seedling stage of zoysiagrass

C4.3. Nitrogen deficiency symptoms on peanut. C4.4. Nitrogen deficiency symptoms on citrus, showing yellowing of older leaves due to N withdrawal for use in newer growth.

C4.5. Rhizobia (nitrogen-fixing) bacteria causing root galls on peanut, a leguminous plant.   C4.6. Pepper blossom-end rot caused by calcium deficiency and irregular watering

C4.7. Micronutrients are necessary for plant growth but may cause toxic effects when present at higher concentrations. Top, Ficus plant with boron deficiency (too little of this micronutrient). Bottom, Ficus plant with boron toxicity (too much of this micronutrient).   Healthy plants. The goal of plant pathologists.