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Chapter Eleven
Hungry Planet: Stories of Plant Diseases

Questions for Discussion


1.  Where did rust diseases get their name? How are they different from many of the diseases already discussed?

2.  What is the function of each of these spores in a macrocyclic, heteroecious rust fungus life cycle?


      pycniospore/receptive hypha




3.  Why is the urediniospore called the repeating stage?

4.  The role of the alternate host is different in each of these diseases: wheat stem rust (wheat/barberry), cedar-apple rust (apple/juniper), and white pine blister rust (white pine/Ribes). Determine which host has the repeating stage and what impact removing each host would have.

5.  Your neighbor is concerned about the possibly toxic orange powder that collected on his white sneakers as he walked across the lawn. What should you tell him?