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Chapter Eleven
Hungry Planet: Stories of Plant Diseases

Internet Resources

​​From the APSnet Education Center:

     Plant Disease Lessons

                Coffee ru​st
                Soybean​ rust
                Ferrugem da soja (Portuguese)
                Stem rust of wheat
                White pine blister rust

​External Resources: 

      ​Cereal Rusts

               Borlaug Global Rust Initiative

               R​​​ust Spore: A Global Wheat Rust Monitoring System (sponsored by the FAO of the United Nations)
               This site includes links to RustMapper, which uses Google Earth to monitor the movement of Ug99

               USDA—ARS Cereal Disease Laboratory

               Virulent New Strains of Rust Fungus Endanger World Wheat

        ​Soybean Ru​st

              National Information System for the Regional IPM Centers: Soybean Rust

              USDA Soybean Rust Web Site

​​       Miscellaneous

             Daylily Rust Fact Sheet

             Rust Fungi for Biological Control of Invasive Plants: Phragmidium violaceum on Blackberries in ​Oregon