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Potato virus Y:
An Evolving Concern for Potato Crops
in the United States and Canada


The evolution of Potato virus Y has posed perplexing regulatory problems for North American potato seed certification programs. In this month’s APSnet Feature, read about how various selection pressures in growers' fields allowed this shifty virus to adapt and change.


This month's Feature is presented below as a PDF, reprinted from the APS-published journal Plant Disease.

  Gray, S., De Boer, S., Lorenzen, J., Karasev, A., Whitworth, J., Nolte, P., Singh, R., Boucher, A., and Xu, H. 2010. Potato virus Y: An evolving concern for potato crops in the United States and Canada. Plant Dis. 94:1384-1397. DOI:10.1094/PDIS-02-10-0124.