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​APS Centennial Timeline


This timeline attempts to capture, however imperfectly, 100 years of history of plant pathology in the United States. We were only able to hit the high points, and there are numerous other names and incremental advances and ideas that we were not able to fit into this limited format. Over the two years of developing this project, we were awed and overwhelmed by the complexity of our history, which should really be described as an intricate web or network rather than a linear progression, made possible by the interactions, collaborations, and cooperation among APS members in the past. Although we limited our focus mainly to the science in the U.S., we also recognize international members, who have played a key role in our society.

By its very nature, plant pathology draws upon many disciplines to solve the basic problems that still confront agriculture after 100 years. Like all sciences, plant pathology builds on the foundation of past discoveries and ideas. We felt it was important for today’s generation of plant pathologists to get a glimpse of their roots, and to see how our discipline has evolved, correcting for errors and incorporating new insights provided by developing technology. Looking backwards from our perspective and technology, these discoveries seem to be obvious or simple. But put yourselves in the mindset of the pioneers of our science as you take this journey to the past, and as one of our founding members J. C. Walker espoused, keep “one foot in the furrow.”

     — Kurtis L. Schroeder and Timothy C. Paulitz
         APS Centennial Planning Committee
         APS Centennial Timeline Project Leaders

                  1908 - 1918, left panel (1.6 MB)

                  1908 - 1918, right panel (2.2 MB)

                  1919 - 1928 (2.4 MB)

                  1929 - 1938 (1.8 MB)

                  1939 - 1948, left panel (1.9 MB)

                  1939 - 1948, right panel (3.7 MB)

                  1949 - 1958, left panel (0.5 MB)

                  1949 - 1958, right panel (4.3 MB)

                  1959 - 1968, left panel (1.9 MB)

                  1959 - 1968, right panel (2.1 MB)

                  1969 - 1978, left panel (1.7 MB)

                  1969 - 1978, right panel (1.7 MB)

                  1979 - 1988, left panel (1.1 MB)

                  1979 - ​1988, right panel (0.8 MB)

                  1989 - 1998, left panel (0.8 MB)

                  1989 - 1998, middle panel (0.3 MB)

                  1989 - 1998, right panel (1.8 MB)

                  1999 - 2008, left panel (0.5 MB)

                  1999 - 2008, right panel (0.8 MB)

                  Acknowledgements (0.1 MB)

                  Biographies (3.0 MB)