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​​Personal Subscriptions

Personal subscriptions to journals are available to APS and IS-MPMI Members who may subscribe at significant member discounts - up to 80%.*


If you are already a member of APS or IS-MPMI, you may add a journal at any time. ​At renewal, check off your preferred journal subscription(s) on ​your print or online renewal form. At any other time, contact us here ​to request ​a new subscription. Your fee will be prorated to align your subscription and membership periods.

*Discounted member journal subscriptions are for personal use and may not be shared with others or with your library. If you wish to recommend a journal subscription for your institution, please complete the jo​urnal recommendation form. Subscriptions are available to institutions via online access for use by all staff and students. The Society appreciates member involvement in ensuring that the journals are subscribed by their institutions and made available to all students, educators, and researchers within the agricultural science disciplines.​