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Diseases and Pests Compendium Series 


  • This series of crop-specific books helps use​rs diagnose and treat pests and disorders in the field, greenhouse, orchard, lab, and elsewhe​re through high-resolution images and comprehensive yet easy-to-follow management recommendations.
  • They collectively cover all manner of diseases caused by fungi, bacteria, and viruses—as well as noninfectious diseases; nematodes; insect and mite identification and control; nutritional disorders; and damage caused by other factors such as weather, herbicides, and more.
  • Access to this online collection is ideal for consultants, extension agents, growers, diagnosticians, students, technicians, and a variety of crop scientists working in plant pathology, entomology, nematology, agronomy, and more.
  • Our online collection currently covers alfalfa; apple and pear; bedding plants; blueberry, cranberry, and lingonberry; chickpea and lentil; citrus; coffee; conifer; corn; cucurbits; grape; lettuce; onion and garlic; raspberry; rhododendron and azalea; rice; soybean; sunflower; sweetpotato; tomato; and turfgrass.

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