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The APS member newsletter is your primary source of information on the Society and the best way to let others know about the plant pathology activities you are involved in. To submit your materials, simply complete the form below and press "submit" to send to Phytopathology News Editor-in-Chief. If you prefer, you can also send a document via email.
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(Note: The resolution on a digital image should be 300dpi for a color and 266dpi for a black and white image. The files should be saved in either .eps, .tif, or .jpg format and should be a maximum size of 5 megabytes.)

If you have more than one image or your image is larger than 1 megabyte, please email the files to

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Guidelines for maximum length of articles submitted to the People section of the newsletter are: 250 words (for new appointments, awards, or other activities of APS members), 400 words or less (for letters to the editor), or 600 words (for meeting summaries, retirement notices, or obituaries). To ensure timely publication of all articles that are submitted, the editors may need to trim the length of articles that exceed these guidelines.