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North Central Division Distinguished Service Award Nominations

Nomination Deadline: Nominations for 2019 are not yet open

Send Nominations to APS NCD President, Jack Rasmussen  The Distinguished Service Award is one of two awards given by the North Central Division, and it should not compete with, or be a substitute for, any award offered by the parent American Phytopathological Society.  To maintain its integrity it should be awarded once (or less) per year.  All past and current members of the North Central Division of the American Phytopathological Society are eligible for nomination.

The North Central Division Distinguished Service Award should be awarded to an individual or team for outstanding effort or contribution in one (or more) of three areas:

a. Stimulating, innovative teaching with recognition by peers and students alike and productive graduates.

b. Actual control of some significant plant disease through research, breeding, chemicals, education of growers, or some other means.  Disease control is typically a broad effort reaching from conception to implementation.  In this area of recognition the nominators should focus on the individual or members of a team that were instrumental in an effort that has led to real dollar savings.

c. Service to the Science of Plant Pathology or to the North Central Division of the American Phytopathological Society in an effort that goes beyond their job or responsibility to a state or agency.

Nominations should be submitted to the division councilor electronically (preferably) by the stated deadline.  The Councilor will forward all nominations to the Awards Committee.  There will be a limit of one submission per department per year.  Nominations from industry, USDA, and other entities are welcomed.

The award shall consist of an appropriately lettered certificate and a cash award of $500 in the case of a single recipient or a total of $500 in the case of a group or team award.  If possible, the awardee(s) should be present at the business meeting and awards ceremony at the annual meeting to receive the award.  Unfortunately, the budget will not allow for travel expenses of the awardee(s) to the meeting.

The following items are required for nomination: (1) a letter of nomination that fully describes the achievement(s) of the nominee and includes a résumé or short curriculum vitae for the nominee, and a short annotated bibliography of the publications that are most pertinent to the award (if criterion b above is applicable) all of which should not exceed six pages; and (2) two letters of support that second the nomination. Fax or PDF format letters may be sent with originals to follow.  If possible, the nomination should be done without the nominee's knowledge.

The Award Committee consists of two former recipients of the award and one additional representative from the NC region.


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