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2017 APS Annual Meeting Special Sessions

Special session titles are listed alphabetically and linked to session descriptions, below. (Content as listed is subject to change)


17th I. E. Melhus Graduate Student Symposium: Today's Students Addressing Tomorrows Challenges Concerning Plant Diseases and Phytobiomes

A Bridge over Troubled Ecosystems: How Host Cultivation Creates Novel Path

Adapt, Change, and Improvise: How to Control Diseases as the Climate Is Changing

Addressing Nematode Parasitic Tactics Through Biology

An Ever-changing Extension Environment: Keeping a Foot in the Furrow and a Hand in Cyberspace

Beautiful Efficiency: The Multifunctional Nature of Virus Proteins

Best Practices in Diagnostic Test Development and Deployment

Genomics-based Approaches Facilitate Diagnostic and Population Genetic Marker Development for Plant Pathogens

Labs, A Mechanism to Enhance Learning in the Changing World of Plant Pathology

New Insights into NLR on Plant Immunity: Pathogen Recognitions, Molecular Interactions, and Novel Disease Control Strategies

New Products and Services

Phyllosphere Microbial Assemblages: Friends, Foes, and Strangers

Phytobiomes 2.0: Functional Approaches in Forest Ecosystems

Plant Pathologists of the Future: Showcasing the Top Graduate Students from APS Division Meetings

Pursuit of Solutions to Mycotoxin Risks by Next-Generation Plant Pathologists

Recruiting NextGen Scientists: Strategies for Inclusive Outreach

Re-emergence of Bacterial Blight of Cotton

The Rise and Management Challenges of Multi-Fungicide-Resistant Pathogens

Schroth - Faces of the Future Session: Host Resistance and Host Pathogens Interactions

Show Me the Money! Assessing the Value of Disease Control in a Changing Landscape

The Socioeconomic Impact of New and Re-emerging Bacterial Diseases: A National Perspective

Translation of Basic Biological Control Research into Effective Grower Products and Practices

Unfriendly and Beneficial Plant-Parasite Interactions

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