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Councilors-at-Large (CALs) serve a three-year term. One CAL is elected each year, three-year terms of each CAL do not run concurrently, and thus CALs are identified as Senior Councilor-at-Large, and two appointed as Councilor-at-Large, based on the numbers of years in office (Article IV of the APS Constitution). A newly elected CAL assumes office at the meeting of the new Council at the APS Annual Meeting. A CAL cannot simultaneously hold another office of the society during the term of office as ​councilor.

General Responsibilities

  1. The Senior CAL is a member of the Executive Committee.
  2. Councilors-at-Large will submit reports to headquarters as directed by the Internal Communications Officer​.
  3. Work with Staff on Committee Chair/Vice Chair orientation webinar and committee meeting at APS Annual Meeting. 

Specific Responsibilities of Senior Councilor-at-Large

  1. Provides orientation to the chairs and vice chairs via a webinar (held prior to the annual meeting) and at the Committee Chair Orientation meeting at the annual meeting.
  2. Encourages new volunteers to contact the appropriate committee chair prior to the annual meeting through electronic means and through an article in Phytopathology News.
  3. Oversees the committee member appointments and serves as a resource to committee chairs as outlined in the Manual of Operations
  4. Provides committee descriptions and activity updates to Staff for updating committee pages on APSnet.