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Councilors-at-Large (CALs) serve a three-year term. One CAL is elected each year, three-year terms of each CAL do not run concurrently, and thus CALs are identified as Senior Councilor-at-Large, and two appointed as Councilor-at-Large, based on the numbers of years in office (Article IV of the APS Constitution). A newly elected CAL assumes office at the meeting of the new Council at the annual meeting. A CAL cannot simultaneously hold another office of the society during the term of office as councilor.

General Responsibilities

  1. Councilors-at-Large (CAL) facilitate the operation of subject matter and general policy committees of the Society.
  2. With the assistance of the CALs, the Senior CAL coordinates the appointment of members to general policy and subject matter committees.
  3. The senior CAL is a member of the Executive Committee.
  4. Councilors-at-Large will submit reports to headquarters as directed by the Internal Communications Officer.

Specific Responsibilities of Senior Councilor-at-Large

  1. Oversees the process for appointing members to APS subject matter and general policy committees. Committee appointments are made by each current committee chair according to policies stated in APS Manual of Operations (see "Appointment of Members to APS General Policy and Subject Matter Committees"). The senior councilor-at-large performs duties as specified in the same section of the Manual of Operations.
  2. Determines the time of annual committee meetings on a rotational basis and sends this schedule to the Executive Committee and to headquarters.
  3. Coordinates the portion of APSnet describing committees and their activities.