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"Agriculture is fun!"

By Charles Walkinshaw, Jr.

At five years old the world of agriculture is a kaleidoscope of wonderful colors, shapes, and smells to us. We explore, form judgements, and learn to see success and failure in nature. Gardens are exciting homes for insects, toads and snakes.


Diseases of plants attract us by their droopiness and yellow color. Fruits and vegetables rot in place. The work of bees, ants and birds is seen everywhere in the flower gardens. Smelling and tasting herbs makes us think of our mother's kitchen.

Learning about agriculture is fun since we get breaks to eat nutritious snacks. Then there are the contests to see who can color the best. We need to be busy ... to see the giant trees, to wander in and about bamboo plants and most of all to touch everything. For we are the next generation of farmers, gardeners and artists. We have the responsibility to protect life's creatures for our five-year-old children to love as we do.

Views: Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus is a plant virus that can be found worldwide and is known to infect more than 600 species of plants. Symptoms of infection range from spotting, wilting, or stunting to the appearance of dark lesions on some plants. This photograph shows an infected peanut plant with the stunting symptom. Peanut growers often refer to the disease as a "cave-in.". Click image for an larger view, more information