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​Turf MD App

St. Paul, Minn. (February 2015)--At least $1.5-$2 billion is spent on turfgrass pesticides annually. Some of this money is lost due to misdiagnosis of diseases, misapplication, or the wrong control strategy for a given situation.

To help turf professionals get the most out of their disease management tactics, The American Phytopathological Society (APS) has introduced the Turf MD app, available iPhone, iPad, and now Android devices.

Turf MD is part of the new “Plant Health” family of apps. It offers diagnostic and decision support tools designed for turf professionals, including golf course superintendents, sports turf managers, park and landscape managers, turfgrass producers, and anyone responsible for turfgrass health.

What sets Turf MD apart from other apps is its high-quality information. It is peer-reviewed by Ph.D.-level university experts on turfgrass diseases and management, so users can trust the app’s management recommendations, images, decision support tools, and other important information.

The app is laid out in a non-technical format and includes a photo gallery, identification tools, decision support tools, an index of turfgrass diseases, and recommendations to help users identify and treat diseases. Specific features include:

  • Scientifically peer-reviewed disease images
  • Decision support tools, including diagnostic keys that help users to identify diseases based on turfgrass variety, temperature, and physical symptoms
  • General guidelines and steps for disease identification
  • Control strategies for the management of turfgrass diseases
  • A directory of state turf extension resources for more information and to connect with local university specialists
  • Fully downloadable content. No internet or cellular connection is needed to operate the app once it is fully downloaded

Turf MD’s content is based on three APS PRESS Books: Compendium of Turfgrass Diseases, Third Edition, edited by Richard W. Smiley, Peter H. Dernoeden, and Bruce B. Clarke; A Practical Guide to Turfgrass Fungicides, by Richard Latin; and additional images and keys found in the Turfgrass Diseases, Diagnosis and Management CD-Rom, developed by Gail L. Schumann and James D. MacDonald.

 Users can download Turf MD via the APS Plant Health app for just $4.99. Find the app by searching “Plant Health” in your App Store!

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