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General Responsibilities

  1. Assumes office at the close of the Society's annual meeting.
  2. Serves as a member of Council and Executive Committee, and presides at Council and Executive Committee meetings in the absence of the President.
  3. Serves as chair of the Annual Meeting Planning Committee for the subsequent annual meeting of the society.
    1. Attends all meetings of the Annual Meetings Board (AMB). Works with the AMB and director of meetings in development and organization of the program.
    2. Reports to Council on progress of all program plans and seeks Council approval as required such as for Special Sessions at future annual meetings.
    3. Coordinates with headquarters staff regarding announcements, call for abstracts, and publication of the annual meeting program.
    4. Oversees scheduling of contributed presentations and other sessions within the program.
    5. Coordinates with the headquarters director of meetings regarding plans for all physical arrangements for the program.
    6. Reviews and approves budgets developed by Special Session chairs and reports results to Council.
    7. Assists the president in organization of the annual meeting plenary/keynote sessions.
    8. Entertainment planned for social events requires approval of the President-Elect.
    9. ​Presides at the First Timers’ Orientation
  4. Serves as a member of the Headquarters Operations Committee and Financial Advisory Committee.
  5. Serves as a member of the Public Policy Board.