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Divisional Councilor

Divisional Councilor (DC) serves a three-year term on Council.  The DC is elected from a pool comprised of members of the Divisional Forum (DF), and is elected by a majority vote of he members of DF.  A new DF representative from the divisional home of the DC will be appointed by DF to serve on DF concurrent with the term of the DC on Council.

During the second year of the term of the current DC, the DF will select candidates for the DC position on Council (the DC-elect).  Upon appointment the DC-elect will participate in DF activities such as the mid-year meeting, that precedes their term as DC, and serve as ex officio member of DF.

General Responsibilities of the Divisional Councilor

  • The DC is a full and active member of DF, and will represent DF on Council, and serves as liaison between Council and DF.
  • The Divisional Councilor will work to assure that the DF shares information with the divisional membership, and​ encourages activity that is consistent with the Society’s interests and strategic goals.