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Publications Board

Current Publications Board Members​​

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Supervises and coordinates, on behalf of Council, the publications activities of APS and facilitates the exchange of information among APS editors, the headquarters staff, Council, and members of the society.


  1. Implements strategies to maintain or, where necessary, improve the quality and competitiveness of APS publications.
  2. Promotes uniformity of editorial style and procedures for processing manuscripts for APS publications, and identifies necessary variations.
  3. Facilitates the exchange among editors of information and ideas and other items of significance to APS publications.
  4. Makes nominations to Council for Editors-in-Chief for APS publications.
  5. Approves Senior Editor appointments for APS publications.
  6. Considers and arranges appropriate placement of manuscripts and other items to be published; e.g., symposia, abstracts, letters, reports, etc.
  7. Considers and recommends to Council or headquarters staff policies regarding production matters, such as adoption of new technology, processing and technical editing of manuscripts and figures, and charges to authors, members, and libraries.
  8. Assists the treasurer and headquarters staff in promoting cost efficiency of APS publication processes.
  9. Assists APS staff with publicizing journals, books, and electronic products.


  • The Board shall consist of the editors-in-chief of APS PRESS, Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions, Phytobiomes Journal, PhytoFrontiers Journal, ​Phytopathology, Phytopathology News, Plant Disease, Plant Health Progress, Plant Disease Management Reports, ​and the APS publications manager (ex officio). 
  • ​Council appoints the Chair of the Publications Board who shall be a former Editor-in-Chief but not currently serving in that capacity. 
  • The Chair of the Publications Board ​serves on Council​ as the Publications Councilor (voting member). ​

Terms of service​

  • The Publications Board C​hair shall serve a three-year, renewable, term to coincide with the annual meeting date.
  • Editors shall serve terms coincident with their respective terms as Editor-in-Chief.

Mode of operation

The Board shall meet as necessary to carry out business and report to Council in a timely manner. The chair shall appoint an official note taker at each meeting of the board. That individual will provide their draft to the chair to be disseminated, approved, and archived.