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Vice President

General Responsibilities

  1. Assumes office at the close of the annual meeting following election
  2. Serves as a member of Council and Executive Committee, and presides at Council and Executive Committee meetings in the absence of the President and President Elect.
  3. Serves as vice-chair of the Annual Meeting Planning Committee and member of the Annual Meetings Board (AMB).
  4. Serves as a member of the Financial Advisory Committee (FAC).
  5. Serves as a member of the Public Policy Board (PPB).​
  6. Assists the President with organization of the Plenary Session and President's Forum.
  7. Serves as liaison between Council and the Academic Unit Leaders Forum (AULF) and attends AULF meetings and reports on relevant issues from Council.
  8. Serves as the liaison between the Presidential Team and International Society Relations Working Groups.