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​​​​​​2011 Field Crops Rust Symposium

December 14-16, 2011
San Antonio, Texas

Course Description

Field crops rust diseases have become more important in recent years. Specifically, new concerns have surfaced with diseases such as Ug99 wheat stem rust, new races of wheat stripe rust, southern corn rust, soybean rust, and sugarcane rust which are demanding that we make scientific advances, rapidly, and on multiple fronts. Nothing less than world food security is at stake. The primary purpose of this first ever Field Crops Rust Symposium is to "circle the wagons" among the scientific community and compare notes, exchange ideas, and forge new relationships. The idea is to make rapid progress on all rust diseases of major field crops by enhancing scientific communication, collaboration, and cooperation. The Field Crops Rust Symposium Program Committee, chaired by Erick DeWolf of Kansas State University, has developed a program that will encourage cross pollination of ideas and discussion among the field crops rust scientific community.


Who Should Attend

The Field Crops Rust Symposium is targeted at the scientific community, but commodity leaders, crop consultants, and others will also benefit from attending.


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