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APS 2.0

Share Your Annual Meeting Experience with APS2.0

APS invites you to share your experience at the annual meeting while it is happening via Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.






Twitter - Use the hashtag #APS10 in your tweets from the meeting so we can easily find you and read what you have to say. Search #APS10 to find out what other people are saying about the meeting. Also, watch for Tweets live from the meeting at





Facebook - Join the APS Facebook group now so that you can upload your photos from the meeting and communicate with other attendees in Portland.





YouTube - Use the term "APS10" in the title of any video from the meeting and upload it to YouTube. We'll find it and add it as a favorite to the APS YouTube Channel.


LinkedIn - Now that you've met amazing colleagues in plant pathology, stay in touch all year long through LinkedIn.