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Critical plant biodefense functions are the responsibility of various Federal, State and non-governmental agencies, centers, and programs. While the effectiveness of these entities has been enhanced significantly in recent years by numerous new policies and initiatives, PPB has continually supported the need for strong, central, overarching plant biosecurity leadership.

PPB visits to DC called for the need for biosecurity leadership at USDA.
White paper

In USDA meetings PPB provided an outline of the continuing gaps and needs for plant biosecurity.
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An addendum to the 2005 proposal for a National Center for Plant Biosecurity was published to highlight the continued importance for a National Center for Plant Biosecurity.

Working collaboratively with six other agricultural scientific societies, PPB published a white paper calling for the establishment of a National Center for Plant Biosecurity.
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The APS Public Policy Board convened a two-day workshop in Washington D.C. March 20-21, 2003, entitled “Crop Biosecurity: Are We Prepared?” The workshop included presentations on five broad topic areas and discussions on the implication of these issues to crop biosecurity, participants developed a list of recommendations as well as immediate, near-term, and longer-term priorities for the recommendations.
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resented APS biosecurity proposal to Science and Agricultural Committees on February 28, 2002.
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Published in October 2002, "Crop Biosecurity and Countering Agricultural Bioterrorism" an APSnet Feature Page, presented a clarification and expansion of positions and recommendations on countering agricultural bioterrorism through crop biosecurity. 
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In August 1999 APS Council adopted a position statement on the use of biological weapons.
Position Statement

An APSnet feature article and discussion session were presented in September 1999 as a platform for interested APS members and others to further discuss and develop ideas to help increase our nation’s crop biosecurity and food safety.
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