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​​Outstanding Plant Pathologist Award


This honor is granted to a member of the Southern Division of the American Phytopathological Society in recognition of distinguished contributions to Plant Pathology.  Any member (1) who has made outstanding contributions to the science of Plant Pathology and (2) who is a member of the Southern Division and the parent society is eligible for nomination.  The contribution may be in research, teaching, extension, or any other aspect of plant pathology in either academic or non-academic environment.  The award may be made annually. 

Any active member of the Southern Division may nominate a candidate.  The nomination must be accompanied by (1) a vitae or resume and (2) a one-page statement giving name, position, affiliation, and critique that includes the nature, scope and relevance of the contributions that qualify the nominee for our consideration. 

Nominations and supporting information must be received by members of the award committee at least one month prior to meeting of the Southern Division.  Nominations will be considered for a period of three years from the year of initial submission.  The persons nominating candidates will be given the opportunity to update nomination statements for candidates being reconsidered.

Nominations for the Outstanding Plant Pathologist to be recognized at the 2023​ SD-APS Meeting a​re due to SD-APS Committee Chair, Lawr​ence Datnoff ( by December 13, 2022.  Please include “SD-APS Award Nomination” in the subject line.​




Award Winners




​2022Jeff Jones​​University of Florida
​2021​David Appel
​Texas A&M University
​Anthony P. Keinath
​Clemson University​
​Dr. Albert Culbreath
​University of Georgia
Dr. Katherine StevensonUniversity of Georgia
2017Dr. Thomas S. IsakeitTexas A&M University
2016Dr. David B. Langston, Jr.Virginia Tech
2015Dr. Raymond W, SchneiderLouisiana State University

Dr. Ronald D. Gitait​​​​is

University of Georgia
2013Dr. Donald M. Ferrin, posthumousLouisiana State University
2012Dr. D. Michael BensonNorth Carolina State University
2010Dr. Christopher A. ClarkLouisiana State University
2009Dr. John R. HartmanUniversity of Kentucky
2008Dr. Tim BrennemanUniversity of Georgia 
2007Dr. Richard Cartwright
University of Arkansas
2006Dr. Melvin NewmanUniversity of Tennessee
2005Dr. S. ​Bruce Martin, Jr.Clemson University
2004Dr. Thomas A. KucharekUniversity of Florida
2002Dr. William C. NesmithUniversity of Kentucky
2001 Dr. Sung M. Lim University of Arkansas 
2000Dr. Donald R. Sumner University of Georgia 
1999Dr. Richard A. Frederiksen  Texas A&M University
1998Dr. Milton C. Rush Louisiana State University 
1997 (tie)Dr. Robert E. Stall University of Florida
1997 (tie)Dr. Eldon I. ZehrClemson University
1996 Dr. Marvin K. BeuteNorth Carolina State University 
1995Dr. Robert D. Riggs University of Arkansas 
1994Dr. Graydon C. Kingsland  Clemson University 
1993Dr. States McCarter University of Georgia 
1992Dr. Elroy Curl Auburn University 
1991Dr. Cedric KuhnUniversity of Georgia 
1990Dr. H. H. 'Bill' LukeUSDA/ARS, Gainesville, FL 
1989Dr. Derald Slack University of Arkansas 
1988Dr. Robert Toler  Texas A&M University 
1987Dr. Homer Wells USDA/ARS, Tifton GA
1985Dr. Luther Baxter Clemson University
1984Dr. Robert Aycock North Carolina State University
1983Dr. Harry Wheeler University of Kentucky
1982Dr. E. S. Lutrell University of Georgia
1980Dr. Gustav M. Watkins Texas A&M University
1979Dr. Stephen Diachun University of Kentucky
1978Dr. Carlyle N. Clayton North Carolina State University
1977Dr. John L. Peeples Mississippi State University