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Most materials in this site have been prepared by plant pathology instructors, and all have been peer-reviewed for accuracy of content and appropriateness for the intended audience. Materials in the K-12 section are designed for teachers, but advanced high school students may find items of interest in the K-12 section as well as the Introductory Plant Pathology section. The Introductory and Advanced Plant Pathology sections are primarily for students in higher education. The Introductory section assumes some background in biology, but not in plant pathology. The Advanced section is for students who have completed a previous course in introductory or general plant pathology. Don’t hesitate to explore the various sections for interesting items. Some collected materials from this site are available for sale on cd-roms. If you have comments on the current materials and/or requests for new materials on any topic, please contact Chris Little, Editor-in-Chief, at