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​​Blazing a Career Path in Plant Pathology

Overview of Workshop

Four members with successful careers in nontraditional settings taught participants how to begin planning careers and searching for opportunities in international organizations, government agencies, industry, and private practice. These “champions” told their own stories, identified important assets (skills, experience, personal qualities, and academic preparation), and offered pointers on recognizing and taking advantage of opportunities. Small groups of participants, assisted by a champio​n and resource people, developed consensus lists of key competencies for success. The links below will take you to the list of key competencies in each area, bios of the champions and a list of their resource people, the champions’ presentations, and electronic handouts prepared by resource people.  

Path Resources

This workshop was held at the APS Annual Meeting, held in Austin, Texas, July 30, 2005. The workshop was co-sponsored by the APS Placement Committee and the APS Joint Committee on Women in Plant Pathology and Cultural Diversity.