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​APS PRESS Publishes First-of-its-kind book on Irrigation Water Pathogens, Management

Plant pathogens in irrigation water, like Phytophthora ramorum, are a major threat to crops, and the cost of managing them is high. The latest comprehensive knowledge on these pathogens—as well as how to detect and manage them—is crucial for large farms, nurseries, greenhouses, and other crop-based systems that use irrigation.

Biology, Detection, and Management of Plant Pathogens in Irrigation Water, edited by Chuanxue Hong, Gary W. Moorman, Walter Wohanka, and Carmen Büttner, is the first comprehensive title that compiles biological information on the many pathogens found in irrigation water, as well as the practical information needed to detect and manage these pathogens.

The combination of scientific and applied information in this 30-chapter, 420+ page book makes it ideal for APS members and related scientists working with greenhouses, nurseries, large farms, and other crop-based systems using irrigation.

The book’s five sections, written by world authorities on plant pathogens in irrigation water, are organized to help the reader quickly find chapters they need. Each chapter ends with a concluding remarks section highlighting the trajectory of future research.  Sections cover:

  • The links between crop diseases and irrigation water
  • The diversity and biology of plant pathogens in water
  • The latest technologies and methods for detecting and quantifying plant pathogens in irrigation water
  • Strategies and tactics for risk-avoidance and mitigation
  • Pathogen management through good system design and the application of best practices

Nearly 130 images help users understand diverse irrigation systems, associated pathogens and their detection, and crop health risk mitigation strategies and technologies. A comprehensive table in the appendix gives users rapid access to information on specific plant pathogens that have been found in water, the crops at risk, and specific citations for those records.

Employing the information found in Biology, Detection, and Management of Plant Pathogens in Irrigation Water can have a direct and positive impact on some of the biggest challenges facing global agriculture in the 21st century, such as water use efficiency, reduction of our environmental footprint, climate change, and food security through the optimal management of pathogens and water resources in irrigation systems.

To order this book go to or call toll-free 1.800.328.7560 USA/Canada or +1.651.454.7250 elsewhere.

Book Specifications and Data 

©2014; 8.5” × 11” hardcover; 448 pages; 128 images; 37 line drawings; 5 pounds; ISBN 978-0-89054-426-6

This book is published by The American Phytopathological Society (APS) and may be purchased for $279 plus S&H from APS PRESS.

Review copies of Biology, Detection, and Management of Plant Pathogens in Irrigation Water Edition are available. If you are interested in reviewing this book in your publication and can forward a copy of the published review within six months of receiving the book, please send your request with details of your publication to Dawn Wuest by email.

NOTE: Digital artwork of the book’s cover is available by contacting Dawn Wuest using the contact information provided. Please specify if the artwork will be used for print or electronic media.