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​Introducing the New APS Image Database

St. Paul, Minn. (March 2015)-- For many years, professors and extension experts have relied on APS PRESS image CDs for their presentations, handouts, and other documents. APS members can now get the latest images from APS PRESS in one place through the new APS Image Database!

This brand-new, continually growing collection of images is the perfect go-to resource for high-quality, accurate photos of diseases, insects, other pests, and disorders. Subscribers can search a large and growing pool of images of various infectious diseases, including those caused by fungi and oomycetes, bacteria, viruses, phytoplasmas, viroids, and nematodes, as well as images of insect pests, mites, worm pests, and noninfectious disorders.

 The APS Image Database covers a range of crops that will continue to expand. The images can serve as both a diagnostic aid, a place to pull images for PowerPoint based classroom and extension presentations, and a very convenient source of images and descriptions for classroom handouts.

There are many reasons to subscribe.

  • Get 24/7 access to thousands of images for presentations and lectures.
  • Search through a simple interface.
  • Instantly create and download handouts that include images, common names, species, host names, and other scientific information.
  • All images and captions are peer-reviewed by experts from APS!

Nearly 2,000 disease and pest images will be available the first year, and APS PRESS expects to add at least 1,000 images each year going forward from new APS PRESS publications and from image donations by APS members. 

Anyone may view and search the watermarked images in the database to see how it works, but a subscription is required to get the full complement of features and functionality. For members, the cost is only $49 per year; for nonmembers, the cost is $159. Visit the APS image database at  to learn more.

Note: Subscribers can use these images for many educational, noncommercial uses. A separate fee and written request for permission is required for commercial use of images. This product is not available to institutions or libraries.